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Nike & Geoff McFetridge

Here we look back to 2003 for one of our all-time favourite artist collaborations - Los Angeles-based artist Geoff McFetridge and his Nike Vandal Supreme 'Tear Away' edition...

We'd previously written about McFetridge back in 2011 (a story about his involvement with the Art in the Streets exhibition and the Nike SB Paper Dunks he created for the show), so we thought it was about time we also highlighted this iconic collaboration shoe.

Interpreting the word 'Vandal' literally, McFetridge created this shoe with a secret underlayer pattern. When new, the shoes appear flawless, but once the upper starts to wear away (or is torn away), McFetridge's silver artwork is revealed - with the words 'I just can't stop destroying' eventually appearing. The shoe, which came in both a blue and green colourway, was launched (see images below) in Berlin, New York, Tokyo and Los Angeles.

You would certainly be lucky to find a pair of these intact today...

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