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Stéphane Malka & La MJC & Nike

This time last year we wrote about the amazing Temple of Fury project by Stéphane Malka Architecture; a computer generated 'scenography' commissioned by La MJC and created especially for the book All Gone 2010. One year on, and with the release of All Gone 2011, La MJC have once again worked with Malka (this time for Nike) to create this intricate image using the most-talked about release of 2011 - the Nike MAG...

The concept behind the piece, entitled Mag Fly, sees the visualisation of a proposed architectural space, where seven pairs of Nike MAG sneakers are suspended in a container made from mirrors. A single viewpoint then lets the onlooker see the work in various shades of light, from 'obscure darkness' to the 'light of a sunrise', and the sneakers become lost in an infinity of reflections - causing the viewer to lose their notion of spatial reference. 

According to Malka, 'the reflections are doors to the dematerialization of iconic objects. Only the object of consumption reigns, it is a regressive demonstration of the cult of the sneaker: one’s own identity dissolves in favour of the iconic object, which takes precedence over reflection, both in the literal and figurative senses.'

Although commissioned for the publication, due to internal reasons the project isn't actually featured in All Gone 2011 and, for now at least, remains a concept waiting to be realised

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