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Vans & Takashi Murakami

Vans have teamed up with Japanese contemporary artist Takashi Murakami for this 2015 Vault by Vans collaboration. Here we take a look at the collection - spanning sneakers, apparel and skateboards - all of which will become highly sought-after collectors items in an instant...

Murakami is celebrated for his vibrant paintings and sculptures, brought to life by his anime-influenced style of bright colours, bold shapes and imagery inspired by traditional Japanese art and pop culture. For this collaboration with Vans, Murakami brings two of his famous recurring motifs, the smiling flower and skull patterns, to his favourite Vans silhouette - the Classic Slip-On (available in both adult and very cute toddler sizes).

The apparel side of the collaboration features more multi-coloured smiling flowers and (silver-lined) skulls - plus a portait of Murakami himself. Finally, and something we'd love to get our hands on here at Art & Sole, are the three skateboard deck artworks, all of which feature the same top deck graphic and the artist's signature. Vans also realeased a fun teaser video as part of the collaboration, which can also be seen below...

The Vans & Takashi Murakami capsule collection is relesed 27 June 2015

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