How to Wear Ankle Boots with Jeans

How to Wear Ankle Boots with Jeans

Ankle boots have been that classic three-season wardrobe essential that never let you down during the winter season. Whether walking in freshly fallen snow or bouncing over puddles of melted ice, ankle boots always come in handy. The best part about them?

You can pretty much wear them with almost any type of pants. Here are a few tips on how to wear it with the best styles of jeans that money has to offer.

Do a little spring time fashion twist. Switch up the skinny jeans that you usually wear with a more fitted trouser leg. Wear your skinny jeans with an untucked cuffed shirt along with a pair of tweed sports socks and make sure to tuck in the front of your t-shirt. This will create a v-neck look and keep the booty out of sight.

One of the trendiest looks this fall is a skinny legging boot paired with cropped jeans. Pair a dark wash slim fit cardigan with a cropped skinny jean to keep your look smart, chic, and hip. Wear a high-low hemline straight-leg jeans and you’re good to go. If you want a flirty version, turn up the hemline to about one inch (2.5 cm) and you’re all set.

Hide your high-heeled heels with wedges. These days, ankle-length flats or strappy sandals are just fine when coupled with skinny jeans, but they’re not quite as cool when paired with straight-leg pants. A lot of women opt to tuck in the front of their pants at the ankle, so that the hemline remains hidden.

To achieve the same effect, tuck in the front of the leg all the way to the heel. You’ll be able to pull off this look with a plain black t-shirt, too, if you don’t want to wear jewelry.

Straight legged boot with jeans is another stylish way to elongate your legs. These boots help elongate your calves and make your legs appear longer, too, because of the way the boots curve with your legs. The secret is to pair a skinny jean with a high-heel boot without the pants too tight.

Ankle boots with skinny jeans come in a variety of shapes. You can get booties with an ankle strap for a snug fit. There are wedge-shaped ones, zippered ones, and cuffed ones with elasticized cuffs. Cuffed skinnies with elasticized cuffs are the best. Just tuck the ends under your toe tips so that they stay tucked in.

For a smarter, sexier look, pair your skinny jeans with classic ballet flats. Try a chelsea boots with the same shade of beige or grey; then top them off with some skinny jeans with a knit panel. You’ve got the ultimate summer look! If you’re concerned about your knees, just add a sheer white or transparent stocking to your skinnies.

Ankle boots with a super skinny denim outfit can give you a sexy look that no other bootie can. A lot of women wear their boyfriend’s or husband’s boots with their skinny jeans. Pair your super skinny jeans with skinny boots that have a curved cuff and a straight leg to keep your calf-length legs looking slim and toned. Ankle booties with a denim skirt or dress pants also look super slim and sexy.

If you have a pretty skinny waistline but love to wear shirts with long sleeves, pair your long t-shirt with an ankle bootie for a more polished look. One great tip for this look is to wear a long, untucked shirt with an ankle boot and then tuck the shirt into the ankle boots. No one will even notice the shirt under the boots!

Another option is to wear a short, untucked shirt with an ankle boot – you can tuck it in between the boots to give you the perfect dressy look. You can also wear an untucked shirt with long socks and skinny jeans – the skinny jeans will help show off your socks and the long shirt will show off your belt!

Ankle boots with skinny jeans are the ultimate in layering. Since you’re not wearing your shoes, you can focus on other details of your outfit – like your fantastic neckline, your pretty hair, and your killer body. Ankle boots with long, straight legs are ideal for professional stylists who want to steal the show during a job interview.

Professional stylists who don’t want to fuss with their own style can always ask their clients to add a little bit of their own flare with ankle boots and a classic, beautiful shirt.

Ankle boots with wash jeans are the most versatile option. These days, there’s nothing that looks better than a pair of gorgeous black ankle boots paired with a pair of nice, crisp, white wash jeans. And since you’re not wearing your shoes, you can experiment with different looks by wearing your jeans over your ankle boots, or vice versa.

You can also wear brown boots with gray or beige jeans if you don’t have much color on your jeans. You can even wear gray and brown boots with white or black pants!

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